Cheers to ya all!

I've been browsing Design sites all week now and have found some talented people out there, among others the designer of this blogger template, Dan Cederholm. I don't know if he's swedish but I'm guessing he is although he lives in Salem, MA. So what's up with me then, well, I've taken an intererst in design and CSS layout and Photoshop like never before.
I've never spent this much time in front of the computer actually trying to learn photoshop before, it's really fun. I've redesigned two of my homepages, the one at passagen.se and the one at bredband.net (My ISP) and please note that I'm working on it, okey ...

Right now I've put three favorite songs into an eternal loop in my winamp. What songs am I listening to you ask?! Well, "I belive" by Stevie Wonder is so very soft and full of hope, "These words" by Natasha Bedingfield just makes me light-harted (is that the word?) and finaly "On the turning away" by Pink Floyd, need I explain? Seriusly? ;)

Please give some feedback on the sites.


It's just another day

It's strange how things start to fall apart, I'm not refering to my personal life.
You see the small things, like people throwing their trash on the ground instead of the waste bin, small things, and if you complain you feel like your being picky, "Just like your mother", and you don't want that.

I was walking home after picking up my son from school and we came to a big field, there was some broken sticks and a torn newspaper thrown all over the place and I felt that it looked run-down, you know, you feel like "this is where I live and I don't want to live at a landfill".

It's things like that that makes me wonder what the hell is going on around me. Today an 8 year old boy and a 56 year old woman was stabbed to death in Linköping. I meen, who stabs an 8 year old? How sick do you have to be?
Yesterday night an entire family was killed and incinerated in a carcrash because a truckdriver decided to have a drink and drive on the wrong side of the freeway, one infant, one slightly older child and their parents. Burnt to death. Makes my stomach turn.

There is such a huge lack of respect in the world, and soon W. Bush will get elected again so you know that things aren't going to improve for 4 more years. ;)
I'm swedish but we are still affected, on the other side of the pond, by what americans are doing and deciding, so I'm hoping that Bush doesn't get elected and that Kerry shows the world a lot more respect than Bush has.

That's all 4 now.


MSIE is broken

At least it seems that way.
The symptoms are as follows:
We are using uPortal and we want the user to be able to download a file, that's pretty straight-forward, but the problem is that when you tell MSIE to open the download dialog it pops up just fine, asking the user if they want to open the file (which is a text file) or to save it to disk.
The strange part is that the url shown on the dialog is rewritten, the dots have become underscores. I don't know why that is but my theory is that the browser rewrites the filename so that it will not have any program associated with it, thus "protecting" us from malicious content.
But that's just my theory. The result is that of you click "save" the file can not be found. This sucks. I don't know if it's a feature you get when installing SP2 on XP but it's reeeeeeeeeeely bad hacking.

Well, well, on another note i'd like to say that some people at my job are ignorant and stubborn and to some extent realy stupid. I'm sorry but I'm angry!!!!

My first post

So, what's up? Well, I'm trying to make my own Firefox extension and the first thing I achieved was to break the Context Menu. So I guess I have some work to do. ;)

What else, I was at a party on Saturday, got way to drunk and I'm still paying for it. But I guess I had fun, although I missed my sons fotball practice yesterday, but he didn't seem to mind to much.

That's all 4 know. :)


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