The subtitles in Netflix, in Swedish and apparently Finnish, is sometimes surreal.
At times they are SO BAD it's not even funny.
Words are completely wrong, sentences loose their meaning and the context is completely disregarded.

It's just embarrassing.

This lack of quality reflects badly on the entire service.
That and the sparse update of shows that aren't the most popular.

One thing that is a bit surprising to me is that Top Gear hasn't been updated since I signed up for the service.


Dags för lite ordning och reda

Nu e jag less på bristen på ordning och reda, bristen på talang i det här landet.
Är det verkligen ingen som är kapabel till en vettig tanke?

Jag tänker fylla på med lite mer specifika idéer och tankar så fort jag sett klart på The Killing.



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