Cheers to ya all!

I've been browsing Design sites all week now and have found some talented people out there, among others the designer of this blogger template, Dan Cederholm. I don't know if he's swedish but I'm guessing he is although he lives in Salem, MA. So what's up with me then, well, I've taken an intererst in design and CSS layout and Photoshop like never before.
I've never spent this much time in front of the computer actually trying to learn photoshop before, it's really fun. I've redesigned two of my homepages, the one at passagen.se and the one at bredband.net (My ISP) and please note that I'm working on it, okey ...

Right now I've put three favorite songs into an eternal loop in my winamp. What songs am I listening to you ask?! Well, "I belive" by Stevie Wonder is so very soft and full of hope, "These words" by Natasha Bedingfield just makes me light-harted (is that the word?) and finaly "On the turning away" by Pink Floyd, need I explain? Seriusly? ;)

Please give some feedback on the sites.

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